• Want to promote your brand in the liquor community?

    We’re a match made in heaven.

    Mobility Quotient has been a part of the liquor community for over 3 years.
    Our flagship products JustBeer and JustWine have been helping breweries, restaurants, bars and wineries with all of their creative needs.

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  • Have a great idea but don’t know where to start?

    We can guide you.

    You wouldn’t build a house without an architect or plans. We wouldn’t either.
    Our diverse team of experts can help you plan out your idea before you invest in building it. This way you have a complete understanding of everything involved in creating your project and you always get the best possible results.

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  • Need help with branding or marketing design?

    We’re very creative.

    The MQ creative team works with you and your business to bring ideas to life. We strive to exceed expectations and can help with design, branding, marketing, and social media.

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  • Looking for IT services for your business?

    You’ve come to the right place.

    We work with small, medium and large businesses to provide a wide range of IT services that cover everything from web and application development to complex migrations, integrations and big data solutions.

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  • Wondering how to take your brand to the next level?

    Strategize with us.

    Mobility Quotient offers both Strategic Planning and Technology Consulting Services. Use our years of experience to create an action plan for the short, medium and long term goals of your project or business.

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Who are we?

We are a leading digital agency, headquartered near the beautiful Canadian Rockies, in the bustling city of Calgary, Canada. Founded 7 years ago with the mission of “Efficiency Realized”, our operating philosophy is applied to all aspects of our project life cycles. We leverage our four core pillars which include Business Development, Software Engineering, System Integration, and Creative Design.

Mobility Quotient (MQ) is an intimate team of focused individuals who have their fingertips on the digital marketing pulse. We have extensive background in systems architecture and design within the telecommunications, media, travel, automotive and liquor industries. We work diligently with our clients to enhance revenue opportunities, accelerate project implementation and craft aesthetically beautiful solutions to complex problems.

Where are we?

Suite 1720, 144 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 3N4
+1 (403) 984-3881

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How can we help?

Creative Services

Design, Branding, Web,
Apps & More

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Development, Integrations, Migrations & Big Data

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Strategic Consulting

Project Planning, Management & More

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Why use us?

I like the clean feel to it, the ability to “surf” within the app [JustBeer app developed by MQ], and how clean and easy it is to navigate. The way it looks and feels, the write-ups and the news features are just really well done. I love how it shows our product, I think it is one of the nicest apps I’ve ever seen. Great content.

Rob Walsh

Brewster’s Brewing Company

We did an extensive search to find a partner that could help us build our brand and bring ABF to the next level. Mobility Quotient stood high above everyone else we looked at. Their innovation and higher order of thinking exceeded all of our expectations. Through web design, branding, social media, marketing, strategic planning, app development, etc. – they are absolutely the right choice for any company looking to grow their business and work with true partners who care about their clients.

Bill Robinson

President & Co-Founder
Alberta Beer Festivals

“An absolute pleasure to deal with, [MQ is] always upbeat, professional, creative and on time. [They even added a custom module in JustWine] for our monthly wine club that has elevated our service, increased customer satisfaction and vastly improved productivity.”

Mike Roberts

Sommelier Team Lead
Co-op Wine Spirits Beer

“The professional, friendly, passionate, engaged folks at JustWine not only aligned with our brand values at ATP, but saved me, personally, weeks of work and I was able to print substantially fewer programs because information went straight to guest’s phones. I would recommend JustWine very highly, and cannot wait to partner with them on future events.”

Kathryn Kerbes

Donor Relations & Special Events Manager
Alberta Theatre Projects

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Calgary Co-op

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Dirty Water Media

Sandstone MacEwan Community Association

Next Door Wine Bar

Small Firm with Big Ideas

Mobility Quotient is a boutique firm creating big things from downtown Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
We work with small, medium and large businesses world wide.
MQ is a proud member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

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