Happy 2022! Thanks to the pandemic, the past couple years have been filled with tons of technology shifts that has created more time spent on computers, phones, tablets and other electronics. As such a large part of business and personal life, checking in on your tech "fitness" and "cleanliness" may be something you want to add to your list of "must-achieves" for 2022.

Here are some simple new years resolutions that involve your tech life.

1. Back up your data (or invest in more storage space)

If you aren't already, now is a good time to start backing up your data. With the amount of important information stored on computers and mobile devices, the chance of losing it with no "undo" is not a chance you should be willing to take. Whether it's investing in some 1TB backup drives or investing in more cloud storage space from iCloud, Dropbox or Google Cloud Storage– now is the time do that.


2. Clear up your disk space

You've been hitting "remind me later" for the past 8 months. It's time to free up your drive space. This goes hand-in-hand with investing in backup drives or cloud storage. Give your devices room to work! Clearing your disk space regularly helps your devices to run faster and more efficiently. So, don't throw away that slow laptop yet! You might just need to free up some space. 

3. Change Your Passwords & Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Remembering new passwords is a pain, but nothing is worse than having your accounts compromised. Online hacking, ransomware attacks and cybersecurity breaches have increased over the COVID-19 pandemic. To lessen your chances of being a victim of cybercrime, it's a good idea to change your passwords regularly, use multiple strong passwords (yes, include uppercase letters, numbers and special characters) and turn on your two-factor authentication whenever possible.

4. Manage Your Notifications

If you plan to be more focused this year, a great way to start is through cleaning up your notifications. A DoorDash notification letting you know you can get a free donut with an order of $30 or more will not only throw off your focus, but will also throw off your nutrition and savings goals! Take a moment to check out what applications can send you notifications and turn off unnecessary ones to help you stay on track and keep your devices de-cluttered.


5. Purge Your Email

This is a big one! It's time to unsubscribe from all those mailing lists. If your unread emails are sitting in the hundreds, thousands or even twenty-thousands... it's time for an email purge. We know how easy it is to give out your email for 10% off, but it's time to 'unsubscribe'. Too many junk and promotional emails can cause you to miss important ones! Give yourself a fresh start this year and do a deep dive into your email list.



6. Clean Up Your Camera Roll

Last, but certainly not least, clean up your camera roll. It's time to get rid of those screenshots of recipes, funny tweets and memes that you never go back to looking at again. Narrow down the selfies to the best ones and delete the rest. Photos and videos can take up a lot of space on your devices, so if it's not a cherish-able moment and just an accidental photo of your dog's paw, it's time to get rid of it. Hey, maybe you can print them off– we hear photo albums are making a comeback this year!

Start 2022 off with a clean tech life and more storage space!

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