Let’s say you have an existing project that’s just not performing as well as you’d hoped. You’re looking for innovative ways to have it align with your goals and need a fresh perspective. This is when you’d call in an auditor. 

What is an audit?

Unlike a blueprint, a planning and design document for a new project, audits are technical assessments of existing projects or processes. Internal audits are a practical way to help you benchmark how your business and projects are performing. They’re a method to align your goals with future strategies. They’re a tool to pinpoint problems that may be blocking the success of an existing campaign project.

Why do I need an audit?

You may be wondering if an audit is necessary for your business or project and how exactly it’ll position you to reach your goals. An audit will give you a better grasp of what is and what isn’t within your projects or campaigns. Audits work like a lie-detector test and can give your team a level-set that allows you to see, understand, and address potential problems collectively. The challenge comes when you are unaware of “gremlins,” and instead of driving your team toward success, you’re always crisis managing. 

Our clients rely on audits for a multitude of reasons; however, it generally comes down to one (or all three) of the following reasons: 

  1. They want a competitive advantage. The digital space, software development, and technology are continually changing – and that can make it challenging for corporations to stay ahead, especially if their teams get bogged down in day-to-day maintenance and firefights. We have observed that people can easily get caught in a rut of doing lots of work, but not advancing the bottom line or achieving their goals. An audit can give that competitive advantage and identify areas for growth.
  2. They are seeking a fresh take. Sometimes aged projects need a fresh set of eyes and new strategy to reinvigorate them. Whether it's a different take on a marketing strategy, or a review of an old tech platform, fresh eyes (and a different perspective) are great for identifying potential threats, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  3. They need technical understanding. If your not a programmer but you're inheriting a website, app or otherwise code-driven product, it can help to have a second set of eyes to review a project for issues and errors. Our code and technical audits are created exactly for this reason, and they have helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars before acquisitions or contract completion.  


Where do I start?

Whether it's your first time receiving an audit or one of many, our team will walk you through the auditing process and thoroughly identify your business needs and goals. With over 10 years of auditing experience, MQ performs professional project assessments in an array of areas; which include:

  • Code Reviews, Database & Technical Audits 
  • Branding, Marketing & Digital Advertising Audits 
  • Content Planning & Audience Development Benchmarking 
  • UX & UI Reviews 
  • Website & SEO Audits 
  • Business Process & Turnaround Management Advisory

The Auditing Process

At MQ, we keep our audit procedure as simple and straightforward as possible while focusing on your personal needs and desired outcomes.

  1. We understand your struggles and goals; we get into the technical details – it generally requires access to code fragments, a production or staging environment, as well as existing campaigns, and the performance of those projects.
  2. We do a deep dive with our skills and tools. We evaluate where there are obvious problems, we define possible solutions, and we give you a multi-tier option for the next steps on a per-problem basis.
  3. We provide your team with a document summary and evaluation broken down by section, opportunities, and problem areas.
  4. Lastly, we offer our skills and solutions to help you resolve identified issues. Which you can alternatively take to your internal team (or existing vendor) and have them make the appropriate adjustments.

Our goal is to provide insight and translate the complexities to something more tangible and actionable for you and your team. Your stakeholders need to know, “Will it work? What do we need to improve? Is this the best option to achieve our goals?” – and we can help answer those questions for you.

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