We offer a customized approach to our client relationships. Some teams require project-based, start-to-finish engagements, while others seek an service-level partnership where we provide ongoing expertise, counsel and service fulfillment as needed. 

The types of clients we provide services to:

  • For enterprise-level corporations, we provide an augmented team that enables progress, innovation and modernization of large systems. Often, these team's internal resources are at capacity and don't have additional bandwidth for new or innovative projects. In these cases, MQ acts as a temporary bolt-on crew that helps these business launch new ventures or complete "back burner" projects.
  • For small and mid-sized businesses, we offer brand strategy and advertising services. This includes helping these companies understand the value of a well-structured website, a quality user experience, the importance of building a content strategy focused on search engine optimization, and a cohesive and consumer-friendly brand identity. For these businesses, we provide strategic direction and technical audits, as well as ongoing marketing and development services.


  • For venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms, we offer an efficient and skilled team who can handle the technical aspects of mergers, acquisitions and turnaround management. Acting as an interim Cheif Technology Officer (CTO), MQ can work towards transferring IP from one company to another, rebuilding technology stacks or developing new tools as required. The goal is frequently focused on targeting cash-flow positive solutions that deliver fast results for the firm. 
  • For start-ups, we offer service as accelerators or incubators: accelerating the growth of an existing company or incubating disruptive ideas to forge a business model and company which investors may be inclined to fund. We assist in bringing new businesses to market by capturing the innovative ideas of entrepreneurs, bringing those ideas to life, and building technical solutions for their future customers.

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