What is a "Digital Transformation"?

A digital transformation is a cultural shift within a business; it's an organizational pivot to embrace change and integrate digital technology into all business areas and processes. The purpose of a digital transformation is to improve your company's overall performance, efficiency and capabilities. It's a fundamental change in how your business provides value to your customers. 

Does my business need a Digital Transformation?

Ask yourself any of the following questions:

  1. Does your organization handle a lot of repetitive processes manually, or on paper? 
  2. Do you feel people on your team are stuck following process-focused tasks when they could be better-utilized doing creative and idea-oriented tasks? 
  3. Has your business accrued a backlog of administrative work simply because of a lack of manpower? 
  4. Are innovative ideas continuously shot down because "it's the way we've always done it"? 
  5. Is it too taxing on your business to explore new ideas or pursue new opportunities that you think might result in good outcomes? 
  6. Does your internal management team fear your website? 

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, your business may need a digital shift. 

Where do I start?

Digital transformations look different for every business. The process depends entirely on your business' needs, desired outcomes and corporate culture. In some instances, a digital transformation means improving your website. For others, it may require taking advantage of software and tools that improve their team's ability to reduce manual work. Sometimes, it means gaining tools that enhance your relationship and outreach with your clients. Often, it involves a combination of all these items and more.

Realize Your Digital Potential with MQ

At MQ, we help organizations realize their digital potential. What we mean by that is, we help innovate businesses by showing them how they can utilize technology to achieve their goals, manage their teams and improve client or audience satisfaction. One of the ways we do this is through digital transformations.

MQ’s Digital Transformation Process

No two transformations are the same. Our team of consultants, software engineers, designers and marketing strategists take the time to assess and align objectives with your business goals in order to create a custom digital transformation plan.

  1. We understand and explore your business’ needs, desired outcomes.
  2. Next, we take a deep dive into your corporate processes and existing infrastructure presented and lead by your key operating stakeholders.
  3. Our team will perform a business process management (BPM) audit based on the information gathered in the exploration stage. This audit outlines your organization's strengths and weaknesses and formalizes the next steps to help your business create a long-term concrete plan to foster change.
  4. Lastly, we actualize these plans. Based on the audit, we can help guide you and your team in ways that can pivot your brand and embrace technology to reduce existing inefficiencies. In areas where your team may not have the capabilities to make the next jump, we offer any services required to help you make that leap forward.
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Our mission is to introduce you and your team to fresh and innovative technological strategies to overcome challenges, manage workflow, and achieve goals. No matter what those goals may be. 

Transform your digital capabilities. 

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