Forecasting, considerations, and exclusions are outlined at the start and end of every project we work on. We find them especially valuable for RFPs where many vendors may be bidding on the same project and where omissions may not be accounted for. We include what we deem to be potential issues, liabilities, or inoperable aspects of the potential solution.


Why Forecasting is Important for Our Clients

Being blind-sided can set your team or your business back. At MQ, we have your best interest in mind, so when we see areas which may present problems in the future, we will “forecast” and take steps to prevent them from occurring. Sometimes it’s budget related, sometimes it regards tools, frameworks or technology choices. It may involve the state of code or assets for your project, and it may involve your future growth strategy. Whatever the area is, our goal is to help you succeed and that includes identifying and removing “gotchas” where possible. 


What Might Forecasting Include?

Pricing, Budget, Timeline & Roadmap Considerations: It is not uncommon that vendors and agencies will bid low for a project to push out competition. The trouble is, if short-sighted, this can lead to corners that are cut, or incomplete features. We work to be transparent with our pricing but also realistic so that your business and team can have reasonable expectations. We understand technology can feel a bit like the wild west if you’re not from a tech background, but that’s what we're here for—to be your eyes, ears, and experience of software and innovation.

Open Source Tools, Programming Frameworks, and Hosting: Open source tools are available to developers to help increase speed and reduce development time by distributing work amongst the greater developer community. The trouble is, sometimes opensource software is incomplete or has security flaws (which anyone can find because it’s open source). When it comes to selecting your tools, frameworks and hosting options, we work with your team to build the most secure solution possible under your designated budget and business needs. 

Product Infrastructure, Software, and Code Integrity Considerations: When it comes to software development, there are a multitude of different ways to approach the same problem. Some solutions work long-term, some solutions work short-term, and some solutions don’t work at all, preventing future growth. At MQ, we keep our solutions lean and effective, relying on years of experience and a team of experts in their respective fields to build products that last. When building new software products, we give you transparent solutions and will work with your team to select the options that work best for your needs.   

Go-to-Market, Audience Growth, Marketing & SEO Considerations: It may seem like the whole battle is getting your product to a state that’s ready for your users, but a production-ready solution is only a portion of the battle. Your next challenge is how to achieve user adoption. 

We work with our clients to plan go-to-market launch campaigns or advise on the process. With a careful analysis of considerations and caveats, we can help you avoid pitfalls and offer tools to accelerate adoption as you build your product and audience.

If you’d like a technical partner on your side who can help you navigate the ins and outs of technology, software development, and strategy, get in touch with our team. We’re here to help you both identify and resolve hurdles in your project release.

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