Mobile devices take up 54.4% of global traffic, so it's important that when building a website or app, you take that into account. With the rise of beginner-friendly website builders, such as, Wix and Squarespace, it's become easier to create a mobile-friendly websites that look great on mobile devices. However, a mobile-friendly website can't replace an app and an app can't replace a mobile-friendly website. While both options offer unique advantages to companies, they can also work together.   

Why choose a website over an app? 

A website is often how consumers will find your business. Websites are highly searchable and are a great way to display your website, services and offerings. 

Here's a quick overview of how a website compares to an app. Websites are... Often less expensive than apps A great option for businesses who offer services at a physical location. Best for Search Engine Optimization Easy option for link sharing From a business perspective, a website is less difficult to create, maintain and update, as well. You won't need to build separate versions of your website for iOS and Android or even Mac, either as a mobile-friendly website works on all mobile devices. Websites allow small businesses a better chance to be seen than a mobile app due to search engine optimization and accessibility. However, mobile apps can give your business unique advantages you simply can't get from a mobile-friendly website.


Why choose an app over a mobile website?

Creating a mobile app for your business can provide a unique channel for attracting new customers or engaging with existing customers. For example, custom apps can be built to offer services such as consulting or counselling and provide the added convenience of using your services on the go. While a mobile website is a great way to make that initial connection with a potential customer or client, a mobile app can deepen and further those relationships and existing client relationships. 

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Mobile apps give you unique options to engage with existing customers, as well as providing a personalized experience that is specific to your business. Customized user experiences start with hardware features native to phones and tablets. Mobile applications can provide deeper insights when it come to your consumer's behaviour and customize their experience through geolocation and push notifications.websites can't track user behaviour as well as an app can, or customize the user experience by taking advantage of features like geolocation and push notifications. 

How Your Website and an App Can Work Together

As mobile apps become easier to create and maintain, many businesses are combining a mobile-friendly website with a mobile app. This combination can give you the best chance to expand your reach to new customers, as well as delivering a unique experience and customized content, deals, and information to your most loyal customers. So, if a mobile app is a better fit for your business, your website and an app can (and should!) work together.

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