Content marketing is a strategic approach to increasing visibility and attracting readers, clients or customers through valuable and relevant content. A content-focused, inbound marketing model is one of the most effective ways to bring organic traffic to your site. Unlike outbound marketing, which interrupts a user with content that may not be relevant to them, inbound content marketing organically answers a question or solves a problem they already have.

However, simply producing content isn’t enough. The world wide web is a saturated market, there are hundreds of thousands of webpages in any given industry or category competing for online market share. In order to rank in your industry, drive traffic, grow your audience and convert those visitors into leads, sales and returning clients–you’ll need a solid content management plan and marketing strategy.

Lead with your audience’s needs and interests 

What can your business or organization do for the client or reader? A potential client’s main concern is their challenge. Consider this when creating your content and place how you can fulfill their need ahead of your brand messaging. Focus on building a relationship and trust with your reader before offering them your sales pitch.

Create a Content Management Plan

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is key. Content planning and scheduling plays a crucial role in building a comprehensive marketing plan. Creating materials like a content calendar will help streamline your workflow and improve efficiency in your content production.


Need content management and planning help? 

Learn how MQ can help your business create a content marketing plan with SEO best practices, tools, techniques and more.

Complete a content, SEO and site audit and competitive analysis.

Have existing content that’s underperforming? Complete a site and content audit to identify any pain-points that may be preventing your content from ranking in search.

Mobility Quotient is a digital and content marketing agency that can provide you with complete insight on how your content is performing, improvement methods and how to turn your visitors into clients and customers.

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