Attention all wine enthusiasts and oenophiles! A brand new, exclusive wine tasting app, JustWine, has hit the Apple App Store. Mobility Quotient, a Calgary based mobile solutions agency, (, saw a need in the marketplace for an easy to use yet comprehensive mobile app for all wine lovers, from beginners to the most experienced sommeliers.

JustWine features an interactive LEARN section, which shows users how to swirl, sniff and swish their wines, how to distinguish unique flavours and aromas when tasting wine, and how to determine the sometimes subtle differences between grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots.

People can add their favourite and not yet favourite wines to their own unique collection, adding pictures and tasting notes as they enjoy their vino from home, wine tastings, or restaurants. Speaking of wine tastings, the Just Wine EVENTS section has a loaded list of local wine events and educational classes all in one convenient place. Restaurants will benefit from having their wine menus added to the Just Wine app, allowing their cellar selections to be available to diners 24/7.

DISCOVER local vineyards, and featured wines created by Just Wine staff and regularly updated lists to help choose what wine to pair with your next meal. Choosing a wine to food pairing can be intimidating, but the JustWine “Sommelier Spotlight” will help users, with advice from wine experts, making the wine experience more approachable and giving consumers more confidence. Specialty wine stores will be able to showcase their inventory to customers, creating new business while educating the masses on the joys of wine.


“What gets me excited about Just Wine is the ability to enjoy wine at a level that most people can’t yet” explains Nikhil (Nick) Sonpal, CEO of Mobility Quotient. “There’s this notion that you have to spend a lot of money and talk to an intimidating sommelier to be able to get the best wine for the food that you’re about to consume. And that’s just not the case. Wine is no longer for the elite, it is for the masses, and wine can be enjoyed at any price point.” Nikhil’s passion and excitement for wine is apparent, and the need for this app came about organically, “as a way to bring family together and to bridge the gap between what you don’t know about wine and what you should know about wine. You no longer have to resort to “googling” for wine information, Just Wine is the only resource you need to get the most out of your experience.”

JustWine is now available for download on the Apple app store for $0.99, worldwide, on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and iPod touch.

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