Like a car, oven, washing machine or other functioning tool, software needs periodic “cleanups,” adjustments, and maintenance. Why? Because software is ever-changing! Operating systems, browsers, servers/databases, and devices are constantly upgraded to patch security holes and improve the products. As those functional frameworks get upgraded, so do development tools like content management systems, programming languages, and code libraries. It can make software feel like a house of cards—ready to topple at one missing card—but staying on top of your software updates and keeping your versions current is a great way to avoid emergencies and security breaches. We can help you keep your websites, apps, and applications up-to-date and secure.

If you already have an in-house team, we offer training and counselling on effective maintenance protocol. For organizations with in-house teams that don't have the bandwidth to handle more projects, we can help offload your support efforts.


Support, Training & Maintenance: Pricing & Packages

Support agreements start as low as $500/month but vary based on the support level a business or project may require. Some smaller WordPress sites may only need quarterly updates while larger projects—like a fully-connected systems with a 500+ page website, cloud server, third-party APIs and a mobile application—may require regular firmware upgrades and database administration. We customize maintenance, training and support packages to the needs of your team.

For more information about our maintenance support options, contact our team and ask about maintenance packages we offer.


Software Support, Training & Maintenance 

Training, Documentation & Process Communication:

  • Training hours & sessions after product deployment
  • Support documentation, reference material and guidelines (available upon request - varies by project, client needs, and budget allocation) 
  • One-on-one coaching or counsel for process alignment 

Website Updates & Maintenance May Include:

  • Content Management Systems (such as WordPress or Drupal)
  • Hosting Updates & Migrations
  • Email Service Provider Updates & Server Changes
  • Installing/updating SSL certificates on your website (HTTPS and switching from HTTP to HTTPS)
  • JavaScript, PHP & other functional updates

Mobile Updates & Maintenance May Include:

  • Operating System (OS) Upgrades & Build Process Updates
  • Hosting Updates & Migrations
  • Notification & Integration Updates
  • Security Upgrades
  • Programmatic Upgrades, Library Versioning & Other Functional Updates


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