“Our goal is to not only continue utilizing CCIS for sourcing new talent, but also offer our services to them in ways that can help increase efficiencies within their organization and possibly pioneer new methods of extending their services to other businesses.” said Ryan Powell, Management at MQ. “The possibilities are limitless, and we see value and potential in organizations like CCIS”.

Since its inception in 1981, CCIS has grown to become the largest immigrant serving organization in Alberta. Amongst the 70 programs and services offered is the Jumpstart to Success program. This program was specifically designed to assist newcomers between the ages of 15 – 30, secure meaningful employment in Calgary.

In addition to workshops focusing on employability skills (interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies and introduction of the Canadian business culture) and life skills (problem solving, money management, effective communications and decision making skills), students are placed with various organizations around Calgary for a ten week work experience program.

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“This is a really great integration program for newcomer youth who struggle to secure employment in Canada,” says Rae-Lynn Peariso, Coordinator of the Jumpstart to Success program. “This is mostly from the challenges they face from not possessing the basic foundations, as compared to those that have been living in Canada all their lives.”

The program has been running for four years and boasts a 95% success rate for students that have secured permanent positions, either with their work experience organizations, or after graduation from the program.

“I would like to thank CCIS and congratulate you for the great job you are doing. You guys turned a good idea into an amazing program. This was the most important program that I have participated in, in Canada, and the team is just great!” – A. Peiera, a graduate of the program.

MQ is an equal-opportunity employer and is elated with the work that CCIS has done to help source new talent, and MQ looks forward to a long and productive relationship going forward.

About CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society)

CCIS is a non-profit agency that is committed to making immigration a positive experience for refugees, immigrants and the community.

CCIS assists refugees and immigrants in their settlement process through services and programs in education, training, settlement, employment, family and community development, through over 70 programs with a team of 180 staff and 1,500 volunteers, speaking over 62 languages.

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