Mobility Quotient (MQ), Calgary’s premiere Digital Agency and creative force behind world renowned multimedia giants and powering successful mobile apps like JustWine and MQ GreenThumb, have partnered with Meticulon Consulting, a Calgary enterprise that specializes in placing people with autism into the technology sector. In a ‘boom town’ like Calgary, the need for dedicated and highly competent staff is at an all-time high, and Meticulon perfectly solves the staff crunch issue with exceptionally precise and diligent IT consultants.

“We needed content. We’ve had so many requests for wine events in our Just Wine app that we couldn’t keep up with demand. The amount of data entry required for one city alone was enough to put a strain on our already taxed staff, so Meticulon was an obvious choice for us” Nikhil Sonpal, CEO of Mobility Quotient says. “We needed someone that was extremely detail oriented and focused, and we found that with Elizabeth. She’s been able to add an exceptional amount of detail to our app and we’re excited to have her a part of our team.”

Meticulon leverages the natural abilities of people on the Autism Spectrum in their placement methods. Using successful assessment models from Belgium, Meticulon identifies key strengths in their candidates abilities and places them into positions within the business and IT communities. “We don’t impart skills or abilities to our people, they have that in abundance. All we have to do is match them to the right job and help them to unlock their innate gifts and talents,” Garth Johnson, CEO of Meticulon explains.

happy mq staffers

As industry leaders in innovation, MQ was quick to jump at the opportunity to partner with Meticulon. As Johnson explains “about 85% of people with ASD are unemployed, yet many of them are far superior in technical ability, excelling at detailed computer tasks, detecting errors, and performing mathematical function.” MQ’s reputation for software development, stringent testing, and detailed analytics and reporting fit right into the skill sets brought by Meticulon’s consultants.

“The proof of Return on Disability is clear”, says Sonpal. “There are days that Elizabeth gets through more than we could have handled on our own in an entire week”, adding that her productivity level is through the roof and her work ethic is second-to-none. Sonpal adds “We found a great cultural match with Meticulon. Our team at MQ excels at honing in on the fine details of a project, making sure our products are finely tuned and perfected. Meticulon matched our culture with Elizabeth’s skills and the puzzle pieces just fit perfectly.”

As an emerging Calgary based agency, MQ’s partnership with another front-runner Calgary enterprise made for the perfect pair. “The first time we walked into MQ, met their staff, and experienced their culture, we knew this was a fit for Meticulon staff. MQ’s staff have passion to innovate and push new ideas into the marketplace so testing a new workforce with huge potential for returns fit right in” Johnson says. “MQ’s products are all about making life better for people, their workplace reflects that in how they interact with each other, and we’re very glad to add Meticulon to the talented mix.”

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