Since the purchase of Grocery Headquarters in June and the subsequent rebranding to Winsight Grocery Business, the upstart media brand has experienced significant increases in digital traffic and engagement. WGB provides grocery executives across all channels with timely content, quality storytelling, perceptive interviews and expanded insights. The digital gains come after significant investments in upgrading the brand’s website platform, as well as completely redesigning the look and feel of all other digital products. WGB tapped Calgary-based digital agency Mobility Quotient to develop its site and leverage its existing assets for an exceptional user experience.

Winsight Grocery Business’ Digital Growth Infographic

Winsight Grocery Business Growth Infographic

“There are a lot of components to a publishing site like WGB, and we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done with Winsight this year,” says Nikhil Sonpal, CEO of Mobility Quotient. “Much of the architectural and user experience work we have done in 2017 (on Winsight’s core platform) has been leveraged in the WGB redesign, thereby enabling the redesign and launch in 60 days.”

This new platform operates 12 times as fast as its predecessor, with faster page load times and cloud-based servers that enable large-format enriched media, such as images and video. It has acted as an exclamation point for the past few months of WGB’s digital activity which includes:

  • Increase of 30K eNewsletter subscribers
  • 35% increase in eNewsletter opens
  • 38% increase in website unique users
  • 39% increase in website sessions
  • 56% increase in website pageviews
  • 8% decrease in website bounce rate
  • 23% increase in Twitter followers
  • 30% increase in Facebook followers

“The success of the website and digital launches can be attributed to the amazing articles and insights we’ve received from the content team combined with the redesign that gives users an immersive experience on an efficient platform,” says Tara Tesimu, chief digital officer of Winsight. “The updated design and user interface has a modern, polished look that matches WGB’s recent magazine rebranding efforts.”

To view the upgraded Winsight Grocery Business website, click here.

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