Ahlstrom Wright

Ahlstrom Wright is a full-service law firm that offers expert legal guidance in all areas of law (except for criminal law). Their experienced lawyers serve Sherwood Park, Yellowknife and the surrounding Canadian Communities. With over 38 years’ of professional expertise, thousands of clients, and a full spectrum of lawyers, Ahlstrom Wright has the skillset to serve any type of client, big or small.


In early 2018 MQ rebuilt Ahlstrom Wright's website, updated their brand guidelines and assisted with various content strategy and print projects.



The Ahlstrom Wright website had previously been built on WordPress (CMS) and it utilized a third-party theme for design, layout and styling. The old website—extremely limited in content—lacked key brand information including the key lawyer practice areas. As a result of the limited website content, Ahlstrom Wright's ability rank on targeted search results was heavily reduced.

Over the years AW's branding had also been managed by a multitude of individuals, including other agencies and design contractors; as a result, they lacked brand consistency across their marketing materials.



MQ leveraged and built upon the existing WordPress theme to reduce total development time required to update the website. A brand guidelines document was created, complete with company images and descriptions for each of the areas of law Ahlstrom Wright practices. The website was redesigned and content was either reformatted or newly created to align with SEO best practices.

Secondary microsites were strategically created to better-target their potential clients near or around the second office in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.


Services Provided
  • Marketing Audit
  • Brand Guideline Creation
  • Website Design & Development
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Content Guideline Document
  • Content Calendar
  • Content & Copy Writing
  • Print Design



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