Making Big Data Work for Big Brands with Real-Time Analytics

QL2 Provides advanced real-time search technology and analytical tools for the travel, hospitality, energy and retail industries. QL2’s Business Intelligence Solutions enable procurement, marketing, and merchandising teams to utilize big-data to facilitate efficient price management and increase revenue on a day-to-day basis.

Data Collection, Search Engine and Analytics for Big Data Platform (2011)

MQ worked on a number of projects for QL2. Data collection, organizing and normalizing data points for reporting, analytics, and more. QL2 relied on MQ for key projects and technology advancement.

Key Projects

  • BPM: Re-Designed Platform for Travel and Retail Channel
  • BPM: World renowned O&G giant required audit-able mechanism for price capture in mobile format
    • Highly competitive and volatile European fuel market turned profit
    • Global Patent-Pending Solution

Innovation & Business Development

  • Mobile app, web portal
  • Brand-tailored, real-time analytics (EMC2, PostgreSQL, tableau)
  • Real-time price comparisons for airline and travel industries
  • Cloud enablement