Making Big Data Work for Big Brands with Real-Time Analytics

QL2 is a software company that provides advanced real-time search technology and analytical tools for the travel, hospitality, energy and retail industries. QL2’s Business Intelligence Solutions enable procurement, marketing, and merchandising teams to utilize big data to facilitate efficient price management and increase revenue on a day-to-day basis.

Data Collection, Search Engine and Analytics for Big Data Platform (2011)

MQ worked on a several QL2 projects, like creating a data collection tool that also organized and normalized (removed duplicate matches) across millions of records. We also setup digital tools that then took those records and processed them for reporting, analytics, and usable business insights. QL2 relied on MQ for key projects and technology advancement across their many client products and subsidiaries.

Key Projects

  • BPM: Re-Designed Platform for Travel and Retail Channel
  • BPM: World renowned O&G giant required auditable mechanisms for price capture in mobile format
    • Highly competitive and volatile European fuel market, turned profit with new product
    • Global patent-pending solution

Innovation & Business Development

  • Mobile app, web portal
  • Brand-tailored, real-time analytics (EMC2, PostgreSQL, tableau)
  • Real-time price comparisons for airline and travel industries
  • Cloud enablement