XTime CRM: Transforming the Automotive Service Industry. Over the past 9 years Xtime has become the trusted partner of the leading automotive companies on the planet. Xtime’s customer list is comprised of 20 global automakers, as well as 8 major and dozens of smaller dealer groups – more than 6,000 dealers in all.


XTime CRM (2009-present)

MQ has helped XTime's development team with a multitude of projects ranging from core advancements in their CRM, to analytics and reporting for their dealership management process, to ad hoc projects for XTime's client base.


Business Process Management
  • Global expansion enablement
  • Reduced six-month provisioning backlog to three days
  • Optimized Dealer-Management System (DMS) integration
  • Developed custom provisioning work-flow management system


Innovation Assignments
  • Tablet app for automotive service centers
  • Scalable provisioning platform
  • Brand-tailored, Real-time Analytics

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