Compliance Document Management Solution

StrasGlobal is a provider of turn-key retail management services for gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. COMPLIANCE SAFE™ is their newest document-management product launched in 2020.

Challenge: Document Management

How should companies ensure their business-critical documents (such as applications, licenses, and permits) stay protected, organized, up to date and easily accessible? Traditional options include a combination of folders (physical and digital), spreadsheets and manually-scheduled email alerts, but if documents get lost, if people leave the organization, or if documents expire it can become a significant problem for businesses. 


StrasGlobal—a leading provider of contract operations for gas stations and c-stores around the country since 2000—envisioned a better, more efficient and practical solution for their clients. One that centralized all aspects of document management to one place. Where the files, along with access, notifications, and pertaining details could be organized by jurisdiction, store, and even employee.  

They hired Mobility Quotient to develop COMPLIANCE SAFE™ software: a document compliance management system to monitor, track and protect business-critical documents.  

Spreadsheets don’t alert business owners and managers when critical permits are within days of expiration, nor do they allow for document sharing instantly with team members or external authorities. C-Safe does that, along with store and maintain your documents in an easy to use accessible format. 

Project Included

  • Detailed Blueprinting
  • Agile release planning (Roadmap development and iterative solution rollout scheduling)
  • Turnkey implementation of the application, including architecture, development and deployment.
  • Deep API integration with several third-party systems for seamless user experience and efficient customer management.
  • DevOps services of Cloud infrastructure.
  • Training of internal personnel to reduce long-term support costs.

Achievements & Outcomes

  • Product won CSP’s Retailer Choice Award for best new product in the technology category.
  • Global expansion now in progress.


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