Our Mission

As a small tech company that planted our roots in Calgary, Alberta– we understand the importance of community. From creating a team comprised of local talent to using our resources to drive and support local initiatives, our mission is to empower our community and help make Calgary a place of opportunity for all.



 The organizations we connect with have a passion for empowering local communities and addressing social and educational challenges in innovative ways. We share that same passion and innovation." 

–Nikhil Sonpal, Chief Executive Officer


Our Values


Education & Higher Learning

We value lifelong learning which is why we emphasize the importance of building a strong foundation in all areas of education. We support initiatives that make learning possible and accessible for everyone.

Equality & Inclusion

There is talent in all communities; accessibility and opportunity should be as well. Mobility Quotient is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity within our workplace, in our communities and around the world.

Community Growth & Support

We support organizations that advocate for the safety, support, and well-being of Canadians. Together, we can build a greater tomorrow by creating endless possibilities that improve the quality of life of the people in our community.


Our Impact


Time & Resources

Our team supports our community by volunteering and resource donation to encourage accessibility to not only technology, but everyday necessities.


We drive and support initiatives that provide access to education, skills training, and learning materials to individuals of all ages and levels.


We provide financial contributions to select local organizations and non-profits in an effort to empower our community and support local innovation.


Apply for Sponsorship

Tell us about your organization! Mobility Quotient is always looking for new ways to give back to our community. If you have an organization, event or fundraiser that you would like MQ to be a sponsor or make a donation, send us an inquiry.

In your inquiry, please include:

  • Organization Name
  • City/Province
  • Phone Number
  • Best Point of Contact
  • Required Support (Volunteer, Speaking Engagement, Donation/Sponsorship)