At MQ, all our projects begin with a blueprint. You would never build a house without plans and we treat our projects the same way. Our team will sit down with you and formulate an implementation plan that meets all the requirements you need for your project. This 4-week process drives to achieve the following objectives:

methodology step 1
Capture key business outcomes
methodology step 2
Pinpoint key application personalities
methodology step 3
Identify possible competitors
methodology step 4
Clarify the user experiences
methodology step 5
Provide insight into the overall system architecture

When mutual acceptance of the blueprint occurs, the design and development portions of the project begin by using an adapted variant of the Spiral development model. This model, first conceived by Barry Boehm in 1986, has been modified by Mobility Quotient's founder Nikhil Sonpal to be a proprietary development process that is leveraged on all of our complex projects. Progress updates are provided, via your dedicated project coordinator, on a weekly basis electronically, and in-person once a month. Where applicable, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) based lab environment is established so that our clients can follow along with the project through its evolution and provide iterative feedback throughout the entirety of the process.

variant of spiral development model

As the project phases near completion, a comprehensive Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) is created to ensure compliance with business and system requirements. This test plan is executed twice within the software candidate; once by MQ staff internally and then a second time with the client on the production environment. Any exceptions are noted within the ATP document and are sent back to the development team to resolve within a two-week period. This process repeats until mutual acceptance occurs. Once acceptance of the project occurs, and is signed off on, the development phase is considered complete.

In the event the project includes the maintenance option, the clients are transitioned to the support team for ongoing sustainment related activities. Alternatively, clients that have an existing development team undergo a two-week training session for development and system hand-off. When applicable, Mobility Quotient will assist in hiring a development team for the client and transition them over to ensure there is no disruption in the system or project functionality.

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