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Strategy & Management Consulting

Strategy & Management Consulting

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CTO for Hire

Need experienced technical direction on how your team might become more innovative? Hire us as a Fractional CTO, and we’ll help guide you and your team through your digital journey.

Technical Due Diligence

Get the clarity and expertise you need when considering a financial investment in tech. From software acquisitions and procurement, to acceptance of code or software from contractors—we can guide you and ensure your investment is secure.

Digital Transformation

Is your business ready to embrace technology and pivot for a better future? We can help guide you through a root-and-branch reformation within your organization—pushing technology, people, and process in a way that facilitates change, improves business performance, and achieves results.
More about digital transformations


Don't just hope for success, plan for it. MQ helps management teams and business owners push their business further and achieve more. Blending your experience with ours, communication, and a plan everyone understands.


Transform your operational efforts and empower your team to work smarter in order to achieve more. From technology to process management, we can help improve your business operations.


Reducing your external spend is one of the easiest ways to allocate funds for new projects. Sometimes that requires evaluating existing services or contract negotiations—whatever your challenge may be, ask us about technology procurement and negotiating SaaS relationships.

Marketing, Advertising & Brand Strategy

Your brand matters. Put your best foot forward, expand your reach and increase your ROI. From technical tools and outreach tactics to your brand identity, advertising campaigns, and growth strategies, we can help supercharge your marketing efforts.

Solution Architecture

Our solution engineers have in-depth experience designing, describing, and managing the solution framework to solve your specific business problems—no matter what they may be.

Content Planning

You can attract visitors to your site with compelling, relevant and findable content—but how do you know if your content is working? Ask MQ about planning and launching a comprehensive content schedule, complete with insight into best practices, tools for success and guidelines.

Sales Growth & Business Development

Give your sales team the tools and skills they need to perform. MQ can build custom software tools that support your sales team and pave the way for innovation and new business development opportunities.

Product Management

When you have an idea and need a team to manage development and rollout your product vision from concept-to-completion, we can help. Improve communication between stakeholders, coordinate design, engineering, marketing, and sales teams, all while focusing on your customer journey and product roadmap, is what we do best.

System Integration & Fully-Connected Ecosystems

Simplify & improve complex systems. If you have a website that does this, an app that does that, and a 50 sub-services that do 400 different things, but they’re all broken up and disconnected…sometimes you just need to consolidate to save time, efficiency, and money. We can help review existing software relationships, manage contract negotiations, and integrate with third-party APIs and systems.

Tech Turnaround Management

If your business, department, or project isn't providing the ROI, it needs to stay viable, talk to us. By implementing integrated changes to strategies, assets and practices throughout your organization, we can support and "re-calibrate" your team for success.

Project Management

From time estimating and budgeting to prioritizing project goals within your given constraints, we'll assist you in leading your team to achieve goals and meet your success criteria by your deadline. What's it like working with MQ?

Audits: Code, Software & Program Reviews

For teams who need an honest and transparent discussion about the state of a given development project, our engineers can offer the clarity you seek. Contact us to discuss code reviews or technical due diligence services. More about auditing services

Audits: User Experience (UX) Reviews

If your engagement metrics tell a different story than you'd hoped for, you need insight into strategies and awareness of possible issues. Our UX reviews offer expertise and guidance on how to improve your UX strategy. More about auditing services

Audits: SEO, SEM, Organic Search, & Google Search Rank Assessments

Ranking higher in search isn't a mystery; it's as simple as following a systematic approach to search engines, but you need insight into how to do that. We can help improve your organic search ranking through SEO insights. More about auditing services

Audits: Marketing & Branding

To improve your brand presence, expand your reach, and secure your next client or sale, your business may benefit from a checkpoint assessment of how you're marketing efforts are currently doing. We can help you identify opportunities and deficiencies in your marketing strategy. More about auditing services

Custom Software Development (Web, Mobile & Applications)

Custom Software Development (Web, Mobile & Applications)

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Full-Cycle Software Development

To go from an idea to a fully-realized solution that offers value to users and is sustainable, takes more than just a fleeting thought on your drive to the grocery store. It takes rigorous planning, prioritization, a team of experts and skilled individuals like designers and developers, as well as marketers and strategists. At MQ, we offer a team who can not only do this, but also has a strong track record of building and launching successful projects.

Website Design & Development

Launching a new website or need an existing one updated? Our team is skilled with all aspects of web design & development and has experience working with some of the world's largest brands to manage their digital properties.

Mobile Apps

Going mobile can help expand your service offering, convenience and reach with applications on android and iOS. We can help you plan, design, develop and deploy your next app.

Process Automation: Going From Manual to Digital

Crunching analytics metrics in a spreadsheet for executive reports? Hand-porting forms to digital? Wish everything was just all in one database? It's time to stop doing the same repetitive task and let software make your team's life more efficient. We can help you do that.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Is your website compatible across all web browsers? If not, that can be due to subtle differences in how each browser interprets CSS and HTML. For a cohesive experience across all browsers, ask us about browser compatibility.

Responsive Development for Mobile Sites

Did you know more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile smartphones and tablet devices? It's true! Ensuring your website displays elegantly and accurately for all users is vital to successful user experience. We're a mobile-first dev shop; ask us about optimizing your website for mobile users.

Database Design & Cloud Asset Management

As your digital assets grow, so does your need to store them. Convenience, cost, security, and flexibility are vital to the success of your data storage.

Database Administration (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

When you need experts in data storage, migration and consolidation of multiple platforms, our team has the experience to handle, secure and protect your most-vital asset: information.

Modern Web Technologies & Languages

We proudly have experience working with all modern web technologies—our experience with these tools is what makes us great developers! From web programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Python and Java, to development frameworks like Angular, Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel, we've got your website covered.

Web Services

Built it how you need it and deploy large platforms at scale. MQ can help you with various web services, including Symfony2, Yii, Dframe, gSOAP, CodeIgniter, Apache, .NET Framework, and more. Talk to our engineering team about optimizing your web service setup.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Websites should be functional and flexible. Using an array of CMS, companies can do more of what they like or struggle under inflexibility. If you have or are seeking to set up a CMS on your site like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Concrete5, we can help.

WordPress Websites

Older than Twitter and Facebook, WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) used for websites worldwide. If you need a developer to update your WordPress site or theme, or if you're looking to build a WordPress widget, we can help.

Ecommerce & Online Store Development

Get your products out the door and services paid for faster with an e-commerce site. We have experience with leading e-commerce platforms, including: BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and custom-built solutions, as well.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

When you have third-party tools, different systems, or a website that needs to talk with your mobile app, then you need a translation layer that conveys information from one system to the others. We can help you build, connect or share APIs as you need to.

Calgary-Based Web Designers & Developers

We're a local website development shop! Never outsourced, we work with local businesses to design and launch their websites right here in YYC.

Design & Creative Services

Design & Creative Services

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User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design

For web and mobile interfaces, our talented team of designers can help you visualize and solve user problems and craft seamless interfaces.

Content Development & Copy Writing

A well-thought-out plan backs the best content. Ask us about crafting a customized content strategy, editorial calendars, and content planning that can carry your brand and business into next year. Don't have a copywriter on staff? We can help with that too!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices & Guidelines

Lay off the pay-per-click ads and grow your monthly with well-formatted content. We can help you better understand how search engines work so you can optimize your web content and attract more organic traffic.

Graphic Design for Digital Media & Print

Our designers have decades of experience with photoshop, illustrator and the whole Adobe Suite. We can help design your Facebook banner, set up your next printed flyer, or design your next website. Have a quick project?

Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

Your brand identity is much more than a logo. We can help get your new business or product launched with a professional polish you need to appeal to your desired audience. We can help define your brand identity, so your branding stays consistent.

Social Media

Manage your social accounts and build your brand presence in a way that isn't all-encompassing. Need help launching or coordinating your social media tools? Contact us

Ads & Marketing Collateral

From business cards and letterheads to digital and print display ads, our team can design your marketing assets. We'll make sure it looks on-brand and leaves a lasting impression.

Talk to us about the business challenges that are holding you and your team back from success.

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