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Audits are a functional way we help you benchmark how your business is performing, they’re a method to align your goals with future strategies, and they’re a tool to pinpoint problems that may be blocking the success of an existing campaign or project.

8 Web and Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Exploring digital styles and themes of 2019; what inspires us and what will we see leading web and graphics trends?


What is a Blueprint? It’s simple. You wouldn’t build a house without plans and we treat our projects the same way.

Digital Transformation

At MQ, our mission is to help businesses realize their digital potential; this means introducing businesses to fresh and innovative technological strategies to overcome challenges and achieve goals. One of the ways we do this is through digital transformation.

Creating a Native Bridge in React Native

The contents of this page describe what a Native Bridge is within React Native, and how to create one within a project.

World-Class Mobile App Developers in Calgary

Our Calgary-based team has over 10 years' experience building mobile apps for Android and iOS—and it's literally in our name! We're here to help improve your 'mobility quotient', and get your app running smoothly on phones, iPads, tablets and web applications. From source code and third-party API integrations, to growth strategies and app store submissions, we have your business or next mobile venture covered.

Second Lockdown: What Alberta's Mandatory Restrictions Mean for Small Businesses

As of December 13, 2020, Alberta's new mandatory restrictions limit business operations. What does this "second wave" mean for Alberta small businesses?

3 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is a crucial step in your online marketing strategy. Find out how you can improve your content and turn your visitors into clients and customers.